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La part d’Henri Weil dans l’édition du De la musique attribué à Plutarque

The Weil-Reinach edition of the De musica attributed to Plutarch is the result of a
close collaboration of two among the best philologists and specialists of ancient Greek
music active in France between the 19th and the 20th centuries : H. Weil and his pupil
Th. Reinach. The latter (who personally provided the collation of the manuscripts,
some of the exegetical notes and the index) put together the material, but it was Weil
who should be regarded as primarily responsible for the work, whose overall organization and component parts are perfectly consistent with the principles and methods
that he had already applied to his previous editions : the subordination of the criticism
of the texts, founded on the recension of manuscripts, to their history and interpretation. The interventionism typical of this publication derives from the extremely ambitious target that Weil imposed on all his ecdotic works : the reconstruction not of
the corrupt archetype of the extant Byzantine and Humanist manuscripts, but of the
original condition of the ancient texts. Viewed in this light, the Weil-Reinach edition of
the De musica is a treasure of erudition and intelligence, in which the textual problems
of a text, which had been deeply altered since antiquity, are raised for the first time.